League of Legends has unquestionably been a staple in the gaming community, with a reported 67 million players each month across the globe. Known for tapping into some of the best musicians, including names like Zedd, Jauz, Minnesota and more for either originals or remixes of songs for the game, LoL has created a whole community outside of just gameplay with focus on art, music, video, story and more. Now, longtime fans of the game WE ARE FURY give back with their massive take on the League of Legends track “As We Fall.”

Combining the haunting vocals from the original track with a dark yet energetic verse and build, WE ARE FURY creates an air of mystery which is quickly unleashed into a dark drop that will have you in disbelief. Combining haunting vocal melodies with growling undertones of bass and theatric level percussion, their take on “As We Fall” pays homage to the original and then some with their unique and inviting flip that cannot be missed. You can check out the full remix below and snag a free download for all your gaming needs for a limited time!