Alesso isn’t too pleased after an unfavorable exchange between himself and a fan via social media…

It all started with this video post below, which ignited a stream of tweets. While some remarks were positive, reflecting on the nostalgia of the track at hand, “Calling,” others pointed out — “they don’t make ’em like this anymore.”

One user, @SimGuz95 chimed in, directing a comment toward Alesso. “That kid was the best producer I knew, do you know where is he now?”

Scroll down a bit to see what happened next…

The fan’s comment was a little harsh, but Alesso’s reaction was much more heated.

“Get the fuck out of here,” the producer said point blank.

Well, the fan refused to GTFO without voicing his opinion and Alesso simply wasn’t having it.

“If you don’t like change you should change your attitude.”

Sounds like @SimGuz95 isn’t the only one who needs an attitude adjustment around here. 


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