ATLiens! This new release “Interstellar” featuring Sara Skinner is screaming with extraterrestrial originality and serves as an indicator of what to expect with the duo’s forthcoming debut EP, Invasion.

These guys have been making waves on Earth with their own take on experimental bass — and with “Interstellar” we’re hearing perhaps their strongest production to date. Described as “deceptively soft,” the track opens with gentle vocals from Sara Skinner before taking a walk on the darker, dirtier side of bass music.

Having worked with everyone from Woolymammoth to Jackal to Party Thieves to Bassnectar himself, these guys are only setting themselves up for a successful future in bass music and beyond.

Get ready for an ATLiens Invasion — the EP is due out February 23, but you can hear the leading track right here!

ATLiens – Interstellar (feat. Sara Skinner)

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