Martin Garrix has just given insight to one of his most important collaborations to date. However, we still don’t know if the world will ever hear the finished version of his collaboration with Linkin Park.

Before Chester Bennington‘s passing, the producer was working on a collaborative track with the band entitled “Waiting For Tomorrow.” After tragedy struck, the work from their studio time together got put on hold. The track has been in limbo ever since and according to Garrix it might not ever see the light of day.

As it stands, bandmate Mike Shinoda is the only Linkin Park member credited for the track (via unofficial upload). We’re not sure each individual’s role in the track – like Chris Martin on “Something Just Like This,” all of Coldplay was credited.

The glass is half full perspective reassures us that because Garrix and Linkin Park are still “working on it” that it might actually happen. But, out of respect for Chester and the entire band, it’s understandable that things will take time.

The top comment on YouTube says it all: “This track should be called ‘Martin Garrix – Waiting For Release.'” But that’s okay. We understand this is a special track so its release should be dependent on if it feels right or not. Read more via Martin Garrix Hub below.

Martin Garrix x Linkin Park

Waiting For Tomorrow – Martin Garrix & Pierce Fulton ft. Mike Shinoda


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