Like many artists this year, Ookay is gearing up for his debut album dropping soon and we’ve already got three singles that give us a pretty fair idea of what it will sound like. If you’re expecting another “Thief” clone, look elsewhere. Ookay is bringing his own vocals and a sort of innocence to the production that we’re becoming quite fond of. Having already released “Cool” and “Loved or Lost,” he released his third single this past Friday entitled “Help Me Out.”

Stylistically, it bears strong resemblance to the previous two album singles – both in the use of synths and vocal style. It also has some similarities to his fellow Red Light Management artist Marshmello, but it’s clearly not trying to bite on his style. If comparisons had to be drawn to any group in particular (which they certainly don’t), then Chromeo definitely comes to mind.

“Help Me Out” is a groovy and funky track that will no doubt fit right in Ookay’s debut album. With three singles already released, we’ll probably have an official release date, title, and album artwork soon enough. For now, check out his new single below.

Ookay – Help Me Out


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