The Regency are a multi-genre collective created by Global Heist Recordings label head Mike Baker and featuring artists like Kyra B and Läzro and Travis Gibb, who were featured on Your EDM’s New Artist Spotlight recently. The collective’s new track “Love Lately” released about a month ago and is a fun combination of alternative rock and chill house. Now its counterpart, a remix called the “Mass Transit” mix, is available on Beatport today, ready to light up the dancefloors for spring.

The original mix of “Love Lately” plays like a radio track in the sense that its house beat is somewhat muted and its breaks and builds don’t really lead to a big drop as it typified by a dancefloor track. The “Mass Transit” mix is more suited to dancefloors and festivals. Its beat is quite a bit bigger and more robust and while its drops are still tease drops rather than bass-heavy big room drops, they employ classic rave transition piano riffs that let dancers know the next big beat is coming.

Also here the guitars and other alternative rock elements are given less of a starring role, only appearing in the intro and outro of the song. More ravey synths are employed in the guitar’s stead, thus making the vocals also sound quite ravey, somewhat like a ’90s Orbital or even Everything But the Girl. This sound seems to be coming back into vogue lately, so this mix will likely fit in nicely in the 2018 spring festival roster.

The Regency and Global Heist Recordings are definitely ones to watch in the upcoming season and year. With their unique, collective-style approach to music production and their desire to bring more and more genres into the fold, the burgeoning label could be seen as a bastion of cutting-edge creativity in EDM and beyond.

Both the original and “Mass Transit” mix of “Love Lately” are available now on Beatport. The new remix should be made public in Soundcloud shortly but in the meantime fans can play the full track to their heart’s desire right here on Your EDM.