Perhaps the biggest conflict of the entire Coachella 2018 live stream schedule is about to happen — Odesza and Illenium will soon take their respective stages and there’s definitely some overlap. Here’s the breakdown.

Illenium goes on at 9:15 pm via channel 3. The producer’s Awake live show will be there in full force and he’s even adding in some “extra spice” for the occasion. This tweet in particular has us hyped up for the performance — a new collaboration from Illenium x Said The Sky x 1788-L, say what?!?!

Meanwhile, Odesza is gearing up to take over channel 1 at 9:55 pm. Stunning tracks like “Line Of Sight” and “Corners Of The Earth” from their sophomore album A Moment Apart will soon come to life on stage, and we can count on some older fan favorites sprinkled in there as well. This set is guaranteed to be pure magic.

If you don’t want to miss either set, it’s easy to split up your time halfway or just channel flip at your leisure. We don’t even have the inconvenience of walking between stages like the Coachella attendees have to deal with.

Whatever you decide, keep your eyes on both these channels tonight for Odesza and Illenium! Follow along with the #Coachella2018 conversation on our socials @YourEDM.

Odesza and Illenium

Coachella Live – Illenium – Channel 3

Coachella Live – Odesza – Channel 1