Electric Daisy Carnival, one of EDM’s signature events is taking place this weekend and its fearless leader Pasquale Rotella is weighing in on a deep subject involving the entire community.

When asked by Forbes contributing writer Steve Baltin why EDM is “falling short” on social consciousness in music, Rotella came back with a perfect answer. It’s not that dance music is failing at this sort of commentary, it’s that the community is expressing themselves differently. You don’t necessarily need a song called “This Is America” to get on stage and stand for justice, enlightenment and change.

Here’s exactly how the question was poised to the founder and creator of Insomniac, via Forbes

Baltin: One area though where EDM seems to be falling short now is social consciousness in the music. You look at Kendrick, Donald Glover, Beyonce, even Rise Against with their biggest hit, people want that in music today. How does EDM begin to include a message and are there artists in the genre you feel do that well?

Rotella: First off, I love all those artists. But as a whole, dance music doesn’t have a lead singer; it’s not artist-centric. That said there are tons of inspiring and uplifting lyrics in countless dance music songs, plus tons of featured artists and solo artist performances. Everyone’s role is critical: DJs, producers, artists, designers, promoters. But our strength lies in the movement as a whole. It’s a culture. It’s powerful. It’s always been about the people that attend. It changes people’s lives. Many of the artists you mentioned are raising issues, and I know there’s a community behind them that’s engaging with one another beyond those walls and connecting in a positive way. Many of those issues, concerns and activism exist in our community as well. Conscious people who want to change the world for the better are not mutually exclusive by musical genre. If that’s the case, then I say we need a big ass party and get this thing all together!

It’s a great question, and a solid response. Together, as a community, EDM stands for so much more than what it may be perceived. This is about more than any one artist or individual, this is about us as a whole and the positive change we can make in the world.

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Source: Forbes