Skrillex has unofficially taken a step back from performing so he can grind in the studio. While the hard work is certainly paying off for him, his fans are thirsting for more live sets from the producer.

FORM Arcosanti is one of the only places you can pretty much guarantee a Skrillex set. Over the past few years, he’s joined OWSLA-signed band Hundred Waters on their turf to throw down some incredibly intimate sets. The music festival is one of music’s best kept secrets, which brings together creative people from all over to enjoy art, technology, and all genres of music.

What started as an application-only festival of approximately 1,200 people has grown modestly in recent years. So while the days of 20 people at the OWSLA pool party with Skrillex spinning are most likely over, you can still catch a set of his with just a few hundred awesome people around you.

Last weekend, Skrillex didn’t disappoint and our proof comes with this fan recorded video from FORM Arcosanti 2018. To set the scene, you’ve all gathered in the Minds Garden and the desert air is cool — really cool. You’re in the middle of nowhere and the night is so dark that you can see every star in the sky. But, Skrillex is about to change all that with his light show and full set with plenty of must-hear IDs. It’s nice to know what Skrillex’s taste is at the moment — it’s been a minute.

Hurry and watch before this video gets taken down!

Skrillex @ FORM Arcosanti 2018


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