After Sunset Music Festival in Tampa was cancelled this past weekend, dozens of artists that were booked to play and some promoters who were in town, like Brownies & Lemonade, came together to save the day. Illenium and Ekali went back to back at Tampa’s Ritz and Nitti Gritti actually drove up 3 hours from Miami to host his own Nitti and friends party, but¬†Bonnie X Clyde were the clear MVPs of the day.

According to their management, beyond running around Tampa for three separate events and an impromptu meet and greet, the duo also threw a renegade house party after tweeting out the address to their 20,000 followers.

The party became so wild that it was eventually shut down by the cops; but that wasn’t the end of it. The story was then picked up by a local Fox News affiliate who called the party one that would be talked about “decades from now.”

By a neighbor’s estimate, there could have been as many as 300 people at this small neighborhood home. Bonnie X Clyde were interviewed via Facetime by Fox 13, who also plugged their forthcoming¬†While We’re Young EP at the end of the broadcast.

Talk about making the best out of a bad situation… watch the news broadcast below.


Posted by Bonnie X Clyde on Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Photo via Nicola Hartman