Parisian act Royale Avenue have released their debut single through disco:wax. Having started out as a group of friends, this creatively driven trio have gone on to find and develop their own signature style.


‘The Rhythm Is You’ has been given pain-staking attention to detail, and takes influences from a wide range of genres and artists. They say of the groove-laden cut: “For our debut release, we just made the music we love, combining elements that don’t necessarily go together. Twisted, classic-sounding soulful vocals and vintage sounds merged with an electro french-touch infused beat; old elements infused with modern production. We always try to mix different worlds together. Ultimately it all comes down to the song for us – and we hope it’s something people will connect with”

Soak up the utterly infectious energy that this track brings right here. Be sure to stream or purchase a copy of ‘The Rhythm Is You’ here.