Since appearing on the scene in 2015 with his 1UP EP, No Mana has been one of techno and house’s most exciting new artists. With incredible knowledge of sound design carried over from his past projects, No Mana made techno that was accessible even to bass heads like myself, not an easy feat by any means.

Today, No Mana has released his newest EP, Assorted Repetitions, out via mau5trap. This one especially calls back to the heyday of techno and mau5trap, with pulsing beats and absolutely electrifying rhythms.

Stand outs on the EP include his collaboration with Electrocado, Mr. Bill’s side project with Ryanosaurus, “DSCO CNT.” The subtle vocal loops leading into the drop and the subsequent disco-influenced vibe layered on top of the techno rhythm are terribly addicting. No Mana also has a collaboration with deadmau5 favorite Colleen D’agostino, “Other Side,” that will no doubt become a mau5trap fan favorite for years to come.

Assorted Repetitions is out everywhere now. Stream it via Spotify below!