Australia has a lot of incredible musical exports, but one of my favorites is a lesser known artist in the States that goes by the name of Paces. I found out about him thru his 2016 album Vacation; as he prepares to drop his next album ZAG in August, he’s dropping new singles like “Call The 5-0.”

The music is fun, but the music video is even more so. Playing cops and robbers in the ’80s, the physicality and shots in the video are absolutely hilarious.

On the making of the video, Paces said, “This film clip was crazy fun to make! Midas.Gold, Tigerilla, this amazing dancer named AB Sow and I were all dressed ridiculously running around Surfers Paradise playing cops and  robbers (plus a sneaky cameo from Doolie). There were a few sketchy moments like when this lady came out of her unit and yelled at me for waking her up, but we got the shot!”

Midas.Gold adds, “It was an auspicious day indeed the day the fire was lit eternal, when stars aligned a vision was born, it was this…”

Check it out below!