The new Panic! At The Disco album Pray For The Wicked is out today, and you should definitely listen to it because it’s awesome. But if nothing else, make sure you listen to “Hey Look Ma, I Made It,” because it was produced by one of our favorite class clowns, Dillon Francis.

Dillon and Brendon Urie have worked together before, most notably on Dillon’s debut album on the song “Love in the Middle of a Firefight.” They also developed quite the friendship, even bringing Gerald along for some of the antics.

This new song obviously sees Dillon falling into the background, as he produced to let Urie’s voice shine on the record. Having worked with each other before, the whole writing process was pretty easy, start to finish.

Check out “”Hey Look Ma, I Made It” below, and listen to the full album here.


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