When Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge created CVNT5 back in 2016 as a “total piss take in the over-serious world of dance music,” they were never expecting for it to be anything more than that. However, they were approached to create a video series for the project, and it’s set to debut tomorrow via Go90.

In Gareth’s own words, the project quickly encountered a lot of issues; there were tears and screaming, and apparently also some lawsuits. But it got finished. It was cast, filmed, and edited, and now 8 episodes are ready to go and it looks absolutely hilarious.

The series features cameos from a number of familiar faces in dance music, likeĀ Pete Tong, Dillon Francis, Tydi, and CaptainSparklez. It also features a few venues in Los Angeles like Avalon and Exchange LA, though the names might be different in the actual series.

We’ve already seen the success of similar series like “What Would Diplo Do?” so we expects “We Are CVNT5” to be similarly popular and beloved in the dance music scene. Both shows are a “total piss take” on the dance music world as it exists today, which some argue is exactly what’s needed.

Check out the trailer below, and watch it tomorrow via Go90.