In terms of epic collaborations, you can’t get much better right now than Kill The Noise, Snails & Sullivan King. Kill The Noise is an absolute legend and one of the pioneers on OWSLA, shaping a lot of sounds bass producers use today; Snails is obviously the progenitor of the vomitstep sound and founder of the new Slugz Music label (on which this song is released); and Sullivan King is the reigning king of metal in the bass music world, shredding and headbanging his way to the top.

Joined by Jonah Kay, another metal enthusiast, “Shake The Ground” is pure mayhem and ferocious energy. There isn’t one moment that the song lets up and offers a breather, forcing you to exert every last ounce of stamina left in your body.

You can catch Kill The Snails as well as Sullivan King at HARD Summer in August. Check out “Shake The Ground” below.


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