Eptic just put out his buzzworthy Anti-Human EP on Friday and we’ve been blasting it all week long! If you haven’t already, it’s about time you stop and do the same!

Fair warning, this new release packs in three absolutely wreckless originals from the bass producer — “Hold Me Back,” “Watch Out” and “No Mercy” — which will reach out and steal your soul if you let them. Each track proves to be as exhilarating as the next, as Eptic shows off the most up-to-date versions of his wild and unruly sound.

The EP also includes a bonus remix for “Hold Me Back” by Trampa, so you can experience the leading track in an entirely different, yet still very much bass heavy way. The Anti-Human EP refuses to let up, but by the time you finish this track you’ll be begging for more. That’s what the repeat loop is for.

Since it’s release, fans and artists alike have been raving about Eptic’s new body of work. Honestly, we’re blown away, too!

Anyone looking for some quality dubstep to go crazy to — this is for you! Check out the Anti-Human EP below and don’t forget to catch Eptic on his first headlining tour.

Eptic – Anti-Human EP