Well, it’s that time of year once again. Voting for the DJ Mag Top 100 poll is now open. Cue your favorite (or least favorite) producers beginning to campaign on social media for votes and cue the same old tired ravers complaining about a poll that has absolutely no bearing on their daily life.

And yet, hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars will be poured into advertising for the poll, which has a significant effect on booking fees in certain markets. Beyond that, the poll is generally meaningless to the average person.

All that being said, I do predict of a bit of an upset this year. Many legacy DJs are falling out of favor with a newer and younger group of ravers who identify more closely with the rising talent of today like Jauz, Rezz, Brooks and others. The Top 10 last year saw a major upset, and I expect this year’s to follow suit.

Marshmello will likely go up in the rankings, though I don’t see him breaking into the top 5 just yet. The Chainsmokers broke into the Top 10 last year at #6, but with voting ending before the release of their next album, I see them potentially falling out to between #10-15. Alan Walker and Don Diablo have a fair chance of breaking in this year, but it remains to be see what kind of hype they can build before voting closes.

We expect to see a lot of new entries this year as well, especially for younger DJs who are suddenly blowing up and making a name for themselves.

If you’re regularly unhappy with the outcome of the poll every year, try adding your own input here.