Gudrun von Laxemburg won critical and fan acclaim last year with their multi-genre LP Panic!, which released on Fatboy Slim’s Skint Recordings label late in 2017.  Seen as on The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and even Daft Punk, Panic! is one of Skint’s strongest releases to date. It’s no wonder that one of the album’s best-loved singles, “Just Can’t Get Enough,” is getting the remix treatment a year on. Two remixes of the epic progressive house track will be released this coming Friday, July 13, both from Von Laxemburg’s countrymen, the Austrian duos of Naxxos and Austrian Apparel (AA+). Your EDM are happy to premiere the Naxxos remix just before they’re released.

Naxxos have been gaining their own momentum both in Austria and abroad with their 2017 EP, Animal. Their remix of “Just Can’t Get Enough” takes the bassy house original and flips it almost backward into a half dubstep, half halftime banger which is both more bass-heavy and more pop-forward than said original. The vocals take more of a front seat here, while a slow and chopped-up bassline anchors the spacey track and shows that this duo know their way around sound design. It’s a great overall track and hopefully a prelude to more from this duo who are just being discovered.

The AA+ remix of “Just Can’t Get Enough” goes a completely different direction with minimal house and a beat that can scarcely be registered by the human ear. These two almost diametrically opposed remixes show what good stems like those from a Gudrun von Laxemburg track can produce: an ambient dubstep banger, or a chilled-out, super-spacey minimal track. Here’s hoping more remixes come out of Panic! and that they’re anywhere near this good.

The Naxxos and AA+ remixes of “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Gudrun von Laxemburg release this Friday, July 13 on Skint Recordings. Check out the label website for links to stream and purchase.