Both Subsphere Records and Estonian trio Indivision have been seen more an more in liquid drum and bass in recent years. Since its inception in 2011, Subsphere has released liquid mainstays like Feint, Rameses B and Moleman, while Indivision have put out a number of successful EPs that earned the backing of the likes of Maduk, Netsky and Grooverider. It’s only right that these two get together, and indeed Subsphere and Indivision have put out a number of great tracks together, including the hugely popularĀ Vibrancy Part IĀ LP late last year, a number of tracks from which also showed up in Subsphere’s first compilation album, released in May.

Now the two liquid DnB entities are back together on Indivision’s new single which features two tracks: “Everything Will Be OK” and “Mindfood.” The single is out today, July 17 and Your EDM has the exclusive streaming premiere of the b-side, Mindfood.

Indivision are quite diverse in style within the liquid DnB subgenre, and this is exemplified by the difference in styles on this single. While “Everything Will Be OK” is a ravey, amen-laden Pendulum-inspired dancefloor banger, “Mindfood” is a little deeper, yet no less danceable. The b-side’s beat still seems to be whip-fast and has a lot going on, with an equally ravey synth to “Everything Will Be OK,” but it has perhaps less jungle throwback sounds and thus sounds a little more technical production-wise. “Mindfood” will likely conjure up more images of video games or crazy visual screens than skanking on an old school dancefloor. That said, both tracks are fast and dancefloor-ready, with their beats bordering on jump up.

With the “Everything Will Be OK” and “Mindfood” single, it’s likely that Subsphere and Indivision are gearing up for another big EP or LP together, with these two tracks as an unannounced teaser. Either way, they’re both great summer dancefloor tracks and will keep the energy high through festival season.

“Everything Will Be OK” and “Mindfood” are out already in the UK and Europe and can be purchased on Beatport. Public streaming should come shortly on Indivision’s Soundcloud.