Fans have been waiting for this epic collaboration from Excision and Illenium for months, and at last, we can finally listen to “Gold (Stupid Love)” in full, high quality.

At just under five minutes, there’s a lot to unpack with this collaboration. From top to bottom, it’s truly a full collaboration, whether you’re looking at the track art or the combination of styles within the track itself. Each producer brings something special to the other’s style, with Illenium’s softer, more melodic chords and Excision’s heavier, more abrasive drops. Though, both producers have a history of going softer or harder on various tracks, making this even more epic by any measure.

And beyond the production, there’s still the vocals from Shallows to take into consideration, providing the glue that bonds all the pieces in the track together. Shallows isn’t likely an artist that many EDM fans have heard of, so it’s cool to see them on this track as a means of spreading awareness of them to a bigger audience.

But seriously, the best way to experience “Gold” is to listen to it for yourself. Check it out below.


Photo via Fadewood Studios