Either Swedish House Mafia are playing Tomorrowland, or someone is playing a cruel practical joke on us — but let’s be real, it’s most likely the latter.

Apparently these bumper stickers (see below) have surfaced around the festival grounds, which hint at a SHM performance with a date set for, well, today. Three Tomorrowland logos appear with 07 28 18, but it really seems too good to be true.

Time is running out and there are no signs of the iconic dance trio on the Main Stage or elsewhere. Sebastian Ingrosso already played today as the most opportune moment for another reunion passed by. He also previously took the stage last week with his counterpart to form Axwell Λ Ingrosso, as did Axwell as a solo act, and even Steve Angello.

Sorry, SHM heads. This looks like a prank, but we can still expect a full on Swedish House Mafia world tour coming in 2019.

Swedish House Mafia at Tomorrowland?

[May be a spoiler] Guys, anyone with info about this? from Tomorrowland


Photo via Rukes.com