We’ve already heard plenty from Steve Angello and even Axwell on the reformation and future of Swedish House Mafia, but now Sebastian Ingrosso is speaking out, as well. Talking to Swedish publication Metro, Ingrosso discussed the reason for SHM’s return, and also confirms that they’re headed into the studio.

When asked why, now, after five years, Ingrosso’s answer was relatively simple: “We felt it was time, and we missed it. And above all, we had fans who wanted us to reunite.”

He also confirmed that the three members of Swedish House Mafia will be back in the studio after summer to “try to do something fun together.”

However, one of the biggest bombshells of the interview is that their Axwell Λ Ingrosso project will be put on the back burner while they work on Swedish House Mafia. ” [We] will actually put it on the shelf. As I usually say, there are three dots, it’s not two plus a dot. But we will definitely still do our individual stuff.”

Axwell Λ Ingrosso still have a number of shows planned through the end of 2018, but don’t expect to see them on any lineups next year.


Photo via Rukes.com