Space reigned as one of the top clubs in Ibizia for years. Space owed much of its success to Carl Cox, who played as its resident up to its close in 2016. The venue itself turned into Hï Ibiza, but the memory of Space lives on. However, Space may not remain a memory forever. Cox has plans to bring it back to life.

Cox revealed his plans to bring Space back to Ibiza in an interview with BE-AT.TV. The outlet asked him if he planned on being a resident at a new club, but Cox rejected the idea. He then divulged a plan to bring Space back for the opening and closing weekends of the island summer season, but it didn’t pan out. Then, the kicker: he and Space’s previous management were looking for a new area for the return of Space. He detailed the idea in the below quote:

No. I’m never going to do another residency on the Island, there is no club for me to play like that – Space was definitely the place for me. We have the idea of bringing Space back next year for maybe an opening and closing, but apart from that we are actually looking for a new area to build a new Space somewhere on the island.

Cox followed up the news with plans for the new Space. He said the new Space would be in a quiet location, not next to a club like the one at the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel. He also shot down the idea of repurposing clubs like Amnesia and Pacha to be the new Space. For timing, Cox said the new Space wouldn’t likely arrive in 2019, but did tease for a potential 2020 return. His full thoughts below:

Yes, it’s going to happen – there’s no doubt about that! I’m going to bring it back in the near or the distant future. I mean, I’ve lost my home and I need to build a new one. There’s no point in me going to Pacha to have the Space ideal. There’s no point in me going to Amnesia and just put the Space logo on that club. There’s no point in me going to Privilege and doing the same thing.

There is no point, because Space was built as an independent club in Playa d’en Bossa. Playa d’en Bossa only became Playa d’en Bossa because of Space. The new Space doesn’t actually have to be on Playa d’en Bossa. Obviously we need some place where it’s a little bit quiet. There is no way I’m going to build a Space nightclub next to Ushuaia or anything. We will go to a completely new place with a new concept. But the idea is to have the same people who made Space and have people who want to support me in my quest to create a new Space back on the island.

When asked about when Space would return:

No, it definitely won’t be next year. But 2020 sounds fantastic to me.

Keep your eyes peeled for the return of Space and perhaps a new residency from Carl Cox himself! We’d open up your 2020 travel plans just in case.


H/T: BE-AT.TV | Cover Photo Credit: Rukes