Disclosure have been dropping new music left and right — and what’s even more exciting is that now we know they’re gearing up for a full album release.

Just this week, Disclosure delivered five new singles: “Moonlight,” “Where Angels Fear To Tread,” “Love Can Be So Hard,” “Funky Sensation,” and “Where You Come From.” Upon premiering the most recent song, Disclosure got into what happens next.

In a reveal to Annie Mac‘s BBC Radio 1 show, the duo spoke about their impending third album.

“We seem to be back right now. It’s definitely been a while. 100 per cent an album is being made – that’s for sure. Whether or not these songs make it [on the album] is yet to be seen. We’ve been writing a lot. We reckon we’ve put together about 80 to 100 different ideas over the past year, but we have no idea which of them, if any, will actually be on the album. It’s a serious track listing job to come now. Now we’re going to start moving onto the next step and start working with some vocalists.”

It’s interesting that instead of a EP, Disclosure decided to put out a run of singles like this. But, it’s awesome that they seem to be releasing new music as they see fit with now restrictions.

We’re definitely excited to hear more now that Disclosure are back in action!

Disclosure – Where You Come From (Extended Mix)