Anyone listening to Zedd & Elley Duhé’s “Happy Now” on the radio would have expected the music video to reflect the song’s bright and hopeful sound, but they would be very, very wrong. In fact, if you listen closely to the lyrics rather than the notes behind them, you can discern a more sinister intent.

The music video for “Happy Now” brings this intent to the surface, ever so slowly. A group of friends are vacationing at a house in the hills. Two women end up becoming interested in the same man, and when the man makes his choice, the other woman doesn’t take it very well.

A combination of malice and deceit destroy the young man’s life, all while the young woman does her best impression of a woman beaten or abused. At the very last moment, a smirk flashes across her face. It’s unexpected and well worth the watch – check it out below!


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