Vaping and juuls (the USB-like, rechargeable nicotine vapor devices) have become a sort of inseparable part of the dance music zeitgeist in the past couple years (obviously with juul being more recent). You can hardly walk through the crowd at a festival or club without a puff of vapor being blown into your face, smelling of either sweet bubblegum or some artificial fruit flavor.

Now, the rivalry between the two devices has seemingly reached a head. One attendee of Lost Lands posted in the 2018 meet up group attempting to form “a bigger cloud than the volcanoes could ever wish for” by gathering all the vapers in one spot and blowing a cloud in unison. As absurd as this concept is, some definitely seemed excited about the prospect and the post has gained quite of bit of traction since it was posted on Saturday.

Not long after, @OfficialEmail sent a post up on Twitter verbatim to the one in the Lost Lands Facebook group, with “VAPERS” and any mention of vaping replaced to represent juuls.

The tweet ended up getting more engagement than the Facebook post by many degrees, not least of all because of the private status of the group. Dubloadz even responded on Twitter, saying, “We’re gonna have to cancel lost lands altogether now.”

Vapes have an inherently more powerful vaporizer system than juuls, but with the amount of juul users interested, it remains to be seen which device will blow the bigger clouds. Stay tuned to see if this actually goes down!