It’s no secret that Goshfather is one of my favorite producers these days, with his endlessly happy rhythms and classic disco and ’80s vibes in everything he touches. Whether it’s his originals or remixes, it seems like he can do no wrong.

Now, he’s out with a remix that he’s called his “magnus opus” in talks with me, a cut of Lil Pump & Kanye West’s collaboration “I Love It.” The lyrics fit perfectly and Goshfather brightens up and revitalizes the mix to match his own unique vibe and it’s just so refreshing. It’s house, it’s bass, it’s fun and lively – it’s one of the reasons why I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Goshfather’s productions.

Not only is there dance music appeal, but there’s so much room to play this at any occasion: birthday, wedding, Quinceañera, even a bar mitzvah. No matter where you listen to this, make sure to do it now! Check out Goshfather’s remix of “I Love It” below.