88rising’s collaborative album Head In The Clouds came out earlier this year, featuring all of the label’s best and brightest: Joji, Rich Brian, Yung Pinch, Don Krez, AUGUST 08, Higher Brothers, you get the idea. This week, 88rising has begun putting out new remixes from the album, the first two being a couple of our favorite producers.

KRANE’s remix for “Midsummer Madness” dropped first, spinning the already downtempo hip hop ballad into a more electronic experience, giving it a drop that blends perfectly with the vibe of the original. The smooth and sultry remix is a wonderful alternative to the original without being too far removed, still owing its general soundscape to the producers who made it great in the first place.

Today, Robotaki dropped his remix for “History.” He takes the almost goofy original and gives it a finesse that oozes sex appeal and confidence that is right in line with Robotaki’s brilliant productions.

“I couldn’t be more excited to partner with 88 Rising for this remix. The movement they have created is
inspiring and means so much to a lot of people globally; myself included.” – Robotaki

Following the release of his newest EP Science and a massive festival run, he is prepared for the next phase of his career. A fully live tour (vocals, drums, piano and flute… yes, flute) with custom stage design dubbed “The Lab” and a string of new singles and remixes is coming to a city near you.