The dust has settled from the Datsik controversy, but still more questions than answers remain. Including, but not limited to, will he make a comeback? And, is there coming back from all that in the first place?

Newly surfaced screenshots suggest that, despite everything, Datsik is keeping his chin up and working on new music. While some of his fanbase felt personally attacked and betrayed by the allegations, it seems others have stuck by him through it all.

To a loyal fan he writes, “I really am grateful to have people like u to help me keep my head up in the dark times. It’s been tough over the last 6 months, but thru it all I’ve gotten sober and been working on a ton of new music. Thanks for ur continued support, it really means the world to me!”

To another he talks of a potential comeback, “No plans yet, but I will!”

It’s great news to hear the producer has gotten sober, although the allegations of sexual misconduct still loom overhead like a dark cloud. If there is coming back for Datsik, perhaps a proper apology is in order — his official statement following the accusations failed to mention the words, “I’m sorry.” On the other hand, that may be his attempt to maintain his innocence.

Only time will tell what happens next. See the screenshots below.

Datsik Talks New Music & Comeback


H/T | Photo via Piper Ferguson