It’s pretty difficult to get a response out of both the real Diplo and the What Would Diplo Do? Twitter account, but it seems producer Dame Dash and Kanye West have gone and done it. In a video posted to Twitter by Kanye last night, Dame Dash can be seen flexing a new beat.

“Imma send you this beat […] had me come cook some shit up, get in the lab. Make shit up. Fuck all that other dumb shit n***a, we in the studio making mothafuckin’ records. And I got more so just let me know.”

Except… these aren’t Dame Dash’s beats at all. This is the beat to Diplo’s “Sarah” off Florida, released 14 years ago.

Obviously some people noticed from the tweet and both @diplo and @_diplo_ responded.

Could it be just for sampling purposes? Sure. But it damn sure seems like Diplo wasn’t aware of it. And then there’s the whole part of Dame Dash claiming he “cooked” some beats up, as if they were his own.

There’s no fault to Kanye here, simply being sent beats and getting excited and posting the video. We don’t expect him to know the discography of every artist who’s ever lived. But for Dame Dash to act so excited and claim that these were his beat when he almost definitely knowingly got them, if not directly from a Diplo source, then from somewhere else pre-made, is highly suspect.

All things considered, this will likely blow over before the week is done, but the internet never forgets.