Much of Odesza’s second album, A Moment Apart – nay, their past two albums – carried with it a peaceful and unobtrusive vibe. The sound was bright and melodic, never really pushing any sense of darkness or impending doom. Well, Golden Features is here to change that.

Taking Odesza’s song “Falls” with Sasha Sloan, Golden Features creates a terrifying and foreboding musical atmosphere. Admittedly, not much of the original made it through the remix aside from some recognizable vocal chops and a slight adherence to the original melody; though, the rhythm is entirely redone.

Calling this a remix is honestly putting it lightly; this is closer to an entire reimagining, not that we care. We’re all about this sound and love everything Golden Features has done this year. Check out his album here.

Listen to his remix of “Falls” below and get ready for the full “Falls” remix pack from Odesza this Friday.


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Life Is Beautiful