Over the last two years, Sullivan King has gone from left-field opening act to one of the biggest inspirations for metal/dubstep crossover in all of dance music. Between all his various EPs and singles, he’s kept a consistent drive toward excellence and fan engagement that has enamored him with both tens of thousands of listeners as well as his peers (and critics).

After already releasing a stunning EP this year, Come One, Come All, as well as singles with Bear Grillz and Kill The Noise & Snails, Sullivan King returns with a new solo original and his return to Monstercat, “I’ll Fight Back.”

“I’ll Fight Back” is immediately recognized as a Sullivan King track with Sully’s own vocals in the mix, something that has become a mainstay of his music. However, rather than the swath of heavy dubstep he’s been putting out this year, this new single explores more of his hard electro side and we’re all about it. It’s not quite house, but it’s faster than typical dubstep, so call this whatever you want but it’s still awesome.

The second drop pumps up the tempo and energy even further, actually encroaching on true hard electro territory and guaranteeing both headbanging and moshing will occur – as is expected of Sullivan King’s music in any case.

Beyond the sound of the production, lyrically, the song actually has quite a bit of meaning to it.

“I’ll Fight Back” has a lot to do lyrically about how so many people now base their opinions just on what other people’s opinions are, instead of what they actually see to be true and see to be happening, all to please a general audience or to not get attacked themselves. And even if you let people be who they are, there are those that are so “either you believe what I say or you’re completely wrong.” I just don’t think that can work – the 2nd verse kind of shows that perspective…so ya know…words and stuff.

What’s cool about this song is it’s one of the fastest tracks I’ve ever written. The intro vocal chop lead is actually made from the isolated vocals from my song “Don’t Go.” I was messing around with that while on FaceTime with my manager, and that it sounded kinda rad. I picked up and plugged in a guitar, and laid down the chords that follow it, and then pretty much 8-9 hours later the entire track was pretty much done. Definitely proud of how this one came together so smoothly and effortlessly. It doesn’t always happen that way, but when it does it’s truly fulfilling as an artist.

Any fan of Sullivan King would do right to immediately place this in any of their playlists, just make sure you don’t let it slip into your family playlist for Thanksgiving… or do?

Listen to “I’ll Fight Back” on Monstercat below.


Photo via Rukes.com