Zedd‘s game-changing debut album Clarity just turned 6 and it’s crazy to think how far he has come since then.

This 10-track masterpiece may have officially released in October 2012, but the music has withstood the test of time. The album’s five singles — “Shave It Up,” “Spectrum,” “Clarity,” “Stay the Night” and “Push Play” — earned the producer some serious and well-deserved recognition back then. And today, track-by-track it’s still a great listen.

“My first album ‘Clarity’ came out 6 years ago today,” Zedd recently shared on social media. “It changed my life forever. Happy birthday, Clarity!”

Digging up our review on the album, it’s obvious we cherished it from the start. “Only after listening to Zedd’s album can I truly see the direction in which of EDM is going, and it’s a good one.”

Six years later and the album sounds as amazing as ever! Listen to Clarity again right here!

Zedd – Clarity


Photo via Rukes.com