WHAT THE FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKK! If you’ve caught a Herobust show lately, you’ve most definitely heard the anthem of his current sound and entire headlining tour, “WTF.” And, if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for?

We were able to catch up with the mind-blowing bass producer during his sold out tour stop at Elektricity in Pontiac, Michigan last Saturday. Honestly, it was one of the most insane shows we’ve witnessed this year. That busted sound met with the lively crowd Elektricity brings made for an unforgettable, bass heavy night for the books. 10/10 would recommend.

Herobust opened up his set with brunt force, blasting us with his single “WTF” and sprinkling in the monstrous remixes along the way. It was then we knew this WTF VIP + Remixes pack would be one to look out for. For the atomic, 9-track release, Mastodon, Riot Ten, Subtronics, Kai Wachi, Pierce, Hekler, Ivory, and Gladez all have their way with “WTF” — plus there’s a VIP remix by Herobust himself to start it all off.

Break your neck (figuratively, of course) to all the official “WTF” remixes and read up on our interview with Herobust below.

Herobust – WTF VIP + Remixes

Herobust – “WTF” (Original)

How is the WTF Tour going so far?

It’s awesome! It’s been great. Obviously the song, “WTF” is going off. Hearing everybody yell the words every night is cool. It’s cool to see something go from just a concept in your bedroom to seeing people across the world, in like China and Germany, yelling “What the fuck!” It’s awesome. It’s surreal. It’s dope.

You have crazy, high-energy shows & a lot of them… What’s the key to not getting burnt out on tour?

Picking your battles, honestly. When you’re touring there’s temptation to party every night. When you first start touring and you’re crazy excited about all of it, you do it every night. Then, you get to a point where you’re a month and a half to two months in and then you’re like — “I’m going to die.” You kinda can’t do it every night. I’ve been touring for a while so I’ve gotten better at it and with choosing my spots. If I have a lot of homies in a city coming up, I know that Thursday for example we’re going in. It’s just going to happen. So I’ll take it easier early on in the week.

That’s physically. Other than that, it’s just about having fun with it. It doesn’t become a job if you keep it fresh and fun. The Jurassic Park intro — that was for the fans, obviously. But, it was for me, too. It was me having fun with it and keeping things different so it’s not the same thing every night.

Tell me the story behind “WTF”…

The idea was I wanted to make a song where all the sounds were generated from one vocal sample. That was the idea before I even thought to make it “WTF.” Once I figured that out, I was like ok, what phrase is going to make sense? I just knew the song was going to be kind of weird, so yeah, “WTF.” [laughs] Everybody knows that feeling when the drop hits and it’s shocking. It’s overwhelming. And, you’re just like, “WTF!” So, it totally started with the vocal sample. I recorded myself saying it in a couple of different ways. Then, processed it to make it sound like a lot of the sounds in the drops. That’s how it all came together.

What makes you say “WTF” lately?

Bailo for sure. Bailo is my support for the first part of phase two of the WTF Tour. The guy is absolutely playing monster sets. He has his own new wave, tons of unreleased music, and he’s relentlessly friendly. He’s amazing. Nicest dude ever — just pummels you with kindness. He FaceTimes you every 30 minutes I’d say, so don’t give him your phone number. 

I won’t… [laughs] What’s your favorite curse word? Is it fuck?

Either fuck or shit. I say fuckin’ probably the most, ya know. When I’m trying to think I say, “um… fuckin’ yeah…”

What can we expect with this WTF VIP + Remixes EP?

I think all the artists featured on the “WTF” remixes are making bass music in exciting, new ways. I’ve always made bass music, but I’ve always put the hip hop swag into it because I’m from Atlanta. Now, with all the new riddim stuff that’s going on, there’s all these new waves being made — it’s super exciting. It’s fun to play out and fun to listen to. The “WTF” remixes are just crazy.

How do you get your most off-the-wall ideas?

A lot of times my most creative ideas come from limitation. The song “WTF” is actually a good example of this, because I told myself I was only going to make sounds from processing that one vocal sample. So, I had to resort to all these different techniques that I never would have come up with if I had no constraints and could use any VST or any DAW, whatever. I had to figure out a way to make this work. I had to be different. That’s actually something I do a lot. It’s a thing with art — limitations.

Any advice for aspiring producers on breaking the mold, which you’ve done so well?

From my experience, making your own sounds is key. For example, if you need a hi hat or a snare or a riser, you can find great samples for that. But, if you make them yourself, as you make a hi hat, you’re unknowingly applying all the preferences that you like about hi hats. The same with snares and risers or any sound. When you make everything yourself and have your hands on every little piece of the puzzle, when your song comes together your preferences congeal into a sound that is yours and your own. Versus, when you use samples from this company and that company — you can still write great music that way, but you’re actually applying their preferences in sounds. I can only speak to what worked for me. Having my hands on every little piece of the song is what really turned the corner for me in finding my own sound.

When you get off the WTF Tour, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

I’m gonna spend time with my girl. Both of my girls — my girl and my dog are waiting at home. Well, they’re not waiting, they’re doing their thing. But, I love them very much and can’t wait to spend time with them!

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