Martin Garrix just put out five new tracks himself, so the possibility of him dropping another unreleased track is pretty wild. Reddit is going crazy right now over this mystery track he played out last night during his performance at ADE.

There are some huge names being thrown into the mix… Justin Bieber. Which, we can kind of immediately put to rest. Some of the singer’s inflections resemble the pop star, but it’s easy to hear with a close listen that it’s not him. Other commenters point out this as a possible collaboration with Matisse & Sadko and Magnificence.

“That was crazy!” one commenter exclaims. “It initially sounded like a MG pop tune with the vocals and then it switched to what sounded like a MG and Matisse and Sadko ID and then the drop sounded like a new Magnificence track! Woah.”

The drop most definitely sounds like Magnificence, we agree. But, another Redditor believes this is the work of Matisse & Sadko and Martin Garrix only. Whatever the case, this production is absolutely massive.

What do you think? Watch here!

Martin Garrix – ADE Amsterdam – Intro ID


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