One of the leading names shaking up the house scene right now is LondonBridge. The Space Yacht founder is coming off a huge festival season and steady wave of releases with yet another standout track “Sabertooth Tiger.”

It’s a jungle out there, but this track sets itself apart. Taking inspiration from old Kung-Fu movies, London molds a high-energy club track that is sure to make any booty bounce. And the best part is “Sabertooth Tiger” doesn’t take itself too seriously. Dance music should be fun and this is a shining example.

The growl of the Sabertooth, though fierce, packs a pretty mean purr when its coming through your speakers. Mixed with LondonBridge’s signature house vibe, the groove is far from extinct. Ok, we’re just being corny now. Once you hear LondonBridge’s own story behind the track it will make even more sense…

The inspiration of this track came after an afternoon of eating mushrooms and listening to Wu-Tang Clan. I went back to their album ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ and for some reason I just started saying “Sabertooth Tiger” again and again over one of their beats. Maybe it was the shrooms talking? Wu-Tang always used clips from old Kung-Fu movies on their records, so I decided to recreate a scene from a non-existent movie called “Sabertooth Tiger” and use it as the intro to the track. Once I had made that intro, the rest of the song fell into place. 

Listen to the latest killer release from LondonBridge via TONS & TONS right here and don’t forget to link up below.

LondonBridge – Sabertooth Tiger

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