Snapchat is bringing its famous filters to a computer near you… Because, it’s 2018 and all and we need puppy faces during conference calls.

Snap prides itself on being a “camera company,” not just a social media platform. The next big move is bringing that technology to Windows and Mac. Soon enough, apps like YouTube, Skype, Zoom and Twitch will all have those recognizable filters we have come to know and love.

Looking at the bigger picture, Snapchat says it has 250,000 lenses to date. And the even bigger picture — they’ve been viewed 15 billion times. This definitely puts into perspective what a huge mark Snapchat has made on our vision.

Snap’s head of camera platform Eitan Pilipski says, “We think this a very unique opportunity, bringing Snapchat AR experiences to the desktop.” That’s a huge understatement.

He continues, “It’s going to shape our roadmap in ways that we really don’t understand right now.”

We’ll have to see how this all plays out on desktop. Happy Snapping!


Source: The Verge