Spotify is encouraging listeners to vote with playlists that celebrate each state’s individuality in music. The new state-inspired offerings strongly hint that people should unplug for just enough time to go vote during the November 6 midterm election.

The “Get Vocal” feature just launched and showcases the most popular tunes from each state. For example, Florida includes tunes from J Balvin, Calvin Harris, Migos, Travis Scott and Drake. New York is all about Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga.

Users can also listen to playlists from other states. They can be accessed by searching in the app for “Get Vocal, (State).” Remember: we’re all in this together.

The playlist links to the user’s closest polling places through Get to the Polls. On Election Day, those Spotify users will get a reminder with a link to literally, Get to the Polls! This is a beautiful thing.

A statement from the platform reads as follows:

“With midterm elections quickly approaching, Spotify is encouraging voting-eligible users and employees to show up to the polls because everyone — employees, artists, and fans alike — deserves to have their voices heard on the things that matter most to them. Spotify is leveraging its massive reach and presence in its listeners’ lives to send users custom notifications, based on state / territory, to motivate them to get to the polls on Election Day, Tues. Nov. 6.”

You can listen to some states’ playlists below.

Florida | Alaska | New York | Tennessee