It was 2015 that KOAN Sound last released any kind of major musical project as a group, but the duo are slated to finally release their new album Polychrome this December, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We’ve gotten a sneak peek of the project and we can tell you that it’s worth the wait. But for everyone else, they’ve uploaded a dreamy album trailer that should give you a pretty good idea of what’s in store. You can expect creative sound design. You can expect lush sound scapes. You can expect complex arrangements and wild synthesizers and turbulent drums. Most of all, you can expect the same sound that made you fall in love with KOAN Sound in the first place to come back full throttle.

“We wanted the album to be listenable but also work live at the same time – that was the hardest part. We made every track as a cinematic piece; each one tells a story. There isn’t a lot of repetition in terms of structure and arrangement, and each progresses in such a way that we can play it live in its entirety,” the band says.

That quote alone also gives hope for a live tour in 2019, which would be a cherry on top of an already decadent cake. In fact, we can reveal that the band will be performing a special hometown show in Bristol at the famed Trinity on Saturday, February 16. A live tour will follow.

The album is officially available for pre-order here. It arrives in full on December 7.