Hardwell is taking us on a trip down memory lane today. His Instagram feed has transformed into a timeline of his DJ ventures, starting from the very beginning. Back to when he first began DJing at the age of 14.

In a series of uploads he introduces this new storytelling series: “It is time to relive my journey through my eyes — the past 16 years of my life. Let’s share some memories. The Story of Hardwell.”

“I was 14 years old when I started getting serious with DJ’ing,” he explains. “The beginning of my DJ journey started in 2002. Starting my DJ life in 2002 was hard work and full focus as a kid. I had managed to play at 12 parties that year.”

But his history with music dated back well before then, “It all started with years of practicing piano in my bedroom at my parents’ home. The basis for my musical interest, which was quickly followed by my curiosity for electronic music and technology.”

The DJ/producer recently announced his huge, unexpected step back from touring to focus on his music and personal life. It’s unclear whether this is a temporary hiatus or a full retirement — only time will tell.

Keep your eyes on Hardwell’s Instagram account here for more as he reveals The Story of Hardwell in full.


Photo via Rukes.com