Avicii. Hardwell. Deadmau5. Mac Miller. James Blake. Lil Peep. Ekali. Kayzo.

These are all artists who have experienced issues with mental or physical health. Some, like Avicii and Miller, have succumbed to their demons. Others like Deadmau5 and Hardwell managed to see the warning signs and take a break before it was too late. Still others like Blake, Ekali, and Kayzo made public statements regarding mental and physical health that helped to break down the stigma of talking about these issues in the first place.

Today, Carnage became the latest artist to announce that he’s seen the warning signs and needs to take a break. In a statement, Carnage writes, “This year has been really tough on me. With everything going on, I can’t ignore the warning signs. I need to slow the fuck down. […] Having close friends pass due to this stuff really scares the fuck out of me.”

Carnage is one of the most divisive artists in the dance music world, but I think we can all agree that recognizing your demons and taking steps to make sure they don’t get the better of you is a good thing.

We wish Carnage the best and hope he comes back with a reinvigorated tenacity.


Photo via Rukes.com