Samsung was just recently beaten to the punch in putting out the world’s first foldable smartphone — but the company isn’t far behind. According to multiple reports, the new device will finally be unveiled this week to gather early feedback from developers and the public alike.

A spokesperson revealed Samsung is taking a “different approach” to the release of this smartphone. Which, makes sense because it’s an unprecedented type of technology. According to the source, “the foldable phone is a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience.”

In the meantime, Royole’s second generation creation, FlexPai is the world’s first foldable smartphone. Royole’s FlexPai is ultra thin, with a fully flexible display, boasting a virtually unbreakable screen. It has been bent over 200,000 times to test out the wearability and durability.

As for Samsung, tomorrow we should have more information and specs on the forthcoming device. Samsung CEO DJ Koh is set to host the developer conference. The keynote will begin promptly at 1PM ET / 10AM PT on November 7th. Stay tuned.


Source: The Verge