It was revealed last week that the Avicii: True Stories documentary that was released on Netflix was to be eligible for Oscar consideration in 2019. Though this was great news taken at face value, what many news outlets, us included, failed to examine were the qualifications for Oscar consideration.

As it turns out, for a movie to be considered for an Oscar, it must “have played in an L.A. County theater, for paid admission, for seven consecutive days, beginning in the appropriate calendar year.” That being said, Levan Tsikurishvili’s documentary Avicii: True Stories will launch a limited theatrical run in order to qualify for Academy Awards consideration. The film will be shown in New York City from Dec. 21 to 27 and in Los Angeles from Dec. 14 to 20.

The documentary first debuted in October 2017. Tsikurishvili described the central message as: “That life can look exciting and glamorous on Instagram and social media, but you don’t really have any idea what’s going on behind that.”

With the recent public withdrawals of Carnage, Hardwell, and Deadmau5, it’s inspiring to see even high-profile DJs taking their health more seriously.

Avicii: True Stories will be shown in Leammle Music Hall Theatre in Los Angeles and Cinema Village in New York.