Earlier this year, an “influencer only” mural erected in Los Angeles went viral as part of an advertising plot for Dillon Francis’s new original series “Like & Subscribe.” The plot worked, riling up plenty of actual influencers and media outlets in the process.

Now, five months later, the series is finally debuting. “The wait is over,” tweets @likeandsub. “We had some small difficulties (our network shut down and no longer exists) but Like & Subscribe is officially coming out November 13th everywhere! Episode 1 premieres next week on @funnyordie.”

The series was originally meant to come out July 90 on Verizon’s go90 platform. But shortly after that was announced, Verizon announced it was killing off go90. So the cookie crumbles…

Luckily, the series was picked up by Funny Or Die and will debut next week, November 13. As Daily Dot summarizes, “Dillon Francis plays arrogant social media manager Skyy Goldwynne, who can’t remember how many people he manages; Courtney Pauroso plays his fraught assistant Molly. There’s Cody Clark, the age-ambiguous “teen” star played by comedian Brandon Wardell; Hi Haylee (Madeline Whitby), the phone-addicted YouTube star; Lil Dose (Lou Wilson) a popular prankster; and Dronez (Jacob Womack), a gamer and prankster.”

Watch the trailer below and get ready to laugh next week!


Photo via Rukes.com