It’s difficult to believe Avicii is no longer with us, but it’s easy to hear his music will live on forever. Gareth Emery and Emma Hewitt recently performed a heart-wrenching tribute to the late producer — a stunning, stripped down version of “Without You.”

As they played out the song live at Laserface Las Vegas, the crowd fell silent. With only piano and vocals backing the emotional song, there was a lot of space for reflection. As you can see in the video below, the artists and the crowd literally lit up the room with Avicii’s legacy. The result was incredible.

To have been in this moment would have been truly special, but thankfully we can all experience this magic from home with an official upload. Get the tissues read, because this version of “Without You” is beyond bittersweet.

Remember: Avicii’s memory board is still live on his official website. Share your stories and read how others have been impacted by the legend here.

Gareth Emery & Emma Hewitt Avicii Tribute


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