This Monday, Spring Awakening Music Festival announced its new location and on-sale dates to fans. Only, it appears that the city wasn’t even aware of it. Alderman George Cardenas is reprimanding the festival for making promises and announcements before consulting the city and the officials who oversee the district.

“Like everybody else, I found out through the media,” he continued. “I heard rumors and someone had sent me what they posted on the website. Right away people started talking, ‘Why didn’t the alderman notify the community?’ We immediately get the blame for this, but what (React) did was not right.”

The festival apparently submitted a Special Event Permit Application to the Chicago Park District, though it was only received on November 2 – just three days before SAMF made their announcement on Monday. Because the application is still being evaluated, said the district, a permit has yet to be issued.

“The first thing I do as an alderman is go to my community and get their input,” noted Cardenas. “As of today, I’m so insulted by it, what would I do with people that have no respect for my community? But some people in the community want to hear more about it. I think we at least owe it to people to try to understand it and see if this works or not.”

Spring Awakening Music Festival will (tentatively) return for its eighth annual installment June 7-9, 2019, this time at Douglas Park. Public early bird passes to Spring Awakening Music Festival go on sale Tuesday, Nov. 13 at noon at


via Chicago Tribune