Instagram is done being fake. The social media platform is fighting against illegitimate followers, comments and likes from third-party services by removing them completely.

The company announced this move as part of Instagram’s policy change today. Moving forward, using third-party services to gain followers and enhance engagement is against the app’s┬áCommunity Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Users who have enlisted in such third-party services will receive the following message that starts: “We’re removing inauthentic likes and follows.”

“It looks like you may have shared your username and password with an app offering followers or likes,” the notice continues. “We’re removing activity like new followers from these apps to protect our community from inauthentic activity.”

These users are also prompted to change their password.

According to Instagram, the platform will take even more measures to prevent fake activity in the coming weeks. This will not only protect its users and influencers, but the businesses who actively use the app to advertise, by promoting a more fair social community.


Source: The Verge