Knife Party’s Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are now on their 8th episode of their new podcast, ‘Knifecast,’ and it seems the two are getting more and more comfortable with speaking into the void. In addition to the guests they bring on the show, they also play a lot of great music, including some unreleased cuts and WIPs.

On the latest episode, the duo introduce Knifecast with a demo song called “Ghost Town.” To our great pleasure, the song features vocals from Swire. It’s a funky and electro-filled tune that sounds a lot like some of Nero’s newer work. Which, on that note, a Nero x Knife Party collaboration? That would be great.

Swire remarks that certain bits of the song still need work and there’s still much to do, but for now, it’s sounding pretty great. Check out the demo below!


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