Wenzday, Nicky Genesis, Lucille Croft, and Blossom are four females powering forward with their music careers. Each on their own path to the top, they pause for just enough time to join forces on Pinnacle Collective‘s XX Vol. 1 – An All Ladies Compilation.

Each of the four tracks featured here rocks a distinct energy. Nicky Genesis thrives off late nights and afterparty feels with “No Sleep.” Blossom leads us down a “Dangerous” path with a track that sounds off like an alarm. Lucille Croft delivers “Burn,” a slowed down heater she admits is all about dark and passionate, sexual relationships. Wenzday caps it all off with her brand new, bass house anthem “China2LA,” which gives off serious Tokyo Drift vibes.

Compilation albums are a dime a dozen, but this unique and empowering collection featuring four leading females is truly one-of-a-kind. The cover art for, XX Vol. 1 features objects that each of the artists on the album own as personal good-luck charms, and the title “XX” represents the female chromosome.

Perhaps you’ve heard these ladies before, or maybe this release serves as an introduction to each of their sounds. Whichever it is, we can guarantee this won’t be the last you hear the names. Wenzday, Nicky Genesis, Lucille Croft, and Blossom are paving the way for female producers everywhere.

Listen to Pinnacle Collective‘s XX Vol. 1 right here.

Slay queens.

Pinnacle Collective Presents :: XX Vol. 1